Protect your facilities with a surge protector


surge protectorIn order to avoid the overvoltage, we need a surge protector or voltage suppressor. These are devices designed to protect electrical installations from surge that can be generated. To do this, they manage or administer the power of an electronic device connected to the very surge protector, regulating the voltage applied to the electrical device, and blocking or sending to ground safe threshold voltages.

DEG POWER SOLUTIONS develops its activity installing devices such as lightning and surge protector. We can define surge as voltage peaks that reach values of tens of kilovolts and short-lived, causing the destruction of the computers that are connected to the network. The consequences of these surges are mainly:

  • serious damage or destruction of equipment.
  • Service interruption.

When carrying out this type of work, we must have in mind that in some facilities one surge protector may be sufficient. However, in many others, several steps of protection will be needed, achieving a higher discharge power and ensuring a small residual stress.

When making the selection of surge protector, we consider a number of factors. Therefore, and in accordance with international standards, we will need protectors of different discharge capacities, depending on the exposure to overvoltage that an installation has.

In addition, we must consider the equipment to be protected, because the level of protection given by the device we use, must be less than the value that the equipment can withstand.

Discover our products and surge protector services through the website, and if you need us, DEG POWER SOLUTIONS will make a budget taking your needs into account and offering solutions for each of our clients and projects.