Installation and maintenance of lightning rod


lightning rodOur company specializes in Lightning rod and Surge in Energy and Telecommunications Networks.

If you wonder what a lightning rod is, we’ll tell yout that it is a metal rod or metallic object mounted on top of an elevated structure, such as a building, a ship, or even a tree, and that is electrically bonded using an electrical conductor to interface with ground through an electrode. It is engineered to protect the structure in the event of lightning strike and if lightning hits the structure, it will preferentially strike the rod and be conducted to ground through the wire, instead of passing through the structure, where it could start a fire or cause electrocution.

DEG POWER SOLUTIONS offers customized solutions in lightning rod, surge protectors, etc. Our work is based on individual study of each and every one of the client’s cases, offering services tailored to each situation, and always based on the highest quality standards, adapting them to the most demanding standards.

DEG POWER SOLUTIONS began to develop its activity 5 years ago. One of our most important services consists of lightning rod to protect people as well as their equipment and buildings from damage that otherwise would occur in the wake of atmospheric phenomena such as lightning, switching of electrical loads, etc.

In addition, our commitment goes beyond, and from the beginning we have incorporated all the technological advances at our disposal, to establish ourselves in a highly competitive company with a complete and efficient working method in each case. Therefore, we are especially dedicated to the supply, installation and maintenance of our own products. Our work is developed by a highly qualified professional team in an industry as specialized as this one.

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