Lightning and Surge Protection

Lightning rods and accessories:
  • Franklin air rods and meshes with bases and supports for different types of roofs.
  • Lightning rods with Early Streamer Emission devices with protection radius up to 80 meters in Livel I.
  • Masts and fixing bases up to 25 meters high.
Down Conductors:
  • Copper strip and bare copper wire.
  • Clamps and insulated metal fixation strips and wires.
  • Check boxes with disconnecting sleeve and lightning counter strike.
Ground System:
  • Steel rods coated with 254um of cooper.
  • Earth pits with connections bars.
  • Exotermic welding for cooper cable joins, cooper coated steel rods and steel structures.
Surge Suppressors:
  • Suppressors for energy networks (TVSS) Type I and Type II.
  • Telephone suppresors to whiteboard and telephone exchanges of different manufacturers.
  • Grounding Kit for coaxial and waveguide.
  • GDT suppressors, ¼ λ and DC Blocking to coaxial networks.

Protection against electrical interference and power failures

  • UPS Industrial up to 1000kVA online double conversion.
  • UPS modular type to data networks and TELECOM applications.

Compensation and Energy Measurement

  • Automatic Capacitor Banks and fixed. Capacitors, magnetic contactors for reactive and controller cards of 6 and 12 steps.
  • Current transformers up to 2500 A, transducers and meters.